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/L-R: Me, My little family, Bobby & Maximus/

/Things that inspire my illustrations; beautiful colours in everyday life!/

HELLO MY LOVELIES, I’ve expressed a wish streamline the blog content lately. I’d like to make it more focused on the things I love, to show you what I’m about- This should focus my ideas and the direction I’d like to take with my blog but also let you know what you’re getting your ‘reading’ into.

SO A BLURB ABOUT ME, I’m 21 and a university graduate from the London College of Fashion where I focused on fashion design, especially knitwear. The very first hobby I ever had was drawing; it’s what I do to stay inspired, to get my creative outlet- and it’s what I do to relax. Now that I’m older I’ve combined this with my love for fashion into illustrations.

I am also a mother. My son Maximus is absolutely everything, and I always say that ‘It’s truly strange how you never realise something was missing, until they come along’. My partner (Bobby) was the first to introduce me to a healthy lifestyle. So much so, that our little household slogan is ‘meat and nuts for breakfast’. Bobby has his routine of about eighty-thousand-meals-a-day alongside his self-written gym routines. He’s a qualified personal trainer and nutritionist- but whilst on ‘daddy duty’ he sticks to creating fitness programs for family and friends. I’m more of a smoothie-kinda-gal, and short but intense workouts that fit into my life of being ‘generally creative and all over the place’ (sounds so much better than just plain lazy, doesn’t it?)

MY WORK AND ILLUSTRATIONS, are frequently posted during progress-mode on my instagram. My illustrations are always based on the beauty I see all around us. Each piece is focused on the fashion and beauty industry with doses of true beauty; the history of our evolving world. Style icons, trends, classic films, people I see on the streets and in (my many hours spent at) cafe’s. Individuals, colours, textures and materials all come to life as I see them in my work. This is something I hope I’ll always be able to continue doing and I feel so blessed to have everything I love so close to me and, not to ever be underestimated, easily accessible.

MY FITNESS POSTS, a lot of people seem to find my blog through my fitness posts (especially my 30-Day Squat Challenge). After having my son, now eight months ago, the will to get back into shape and loose the mummy-weight was so unbelievably strong. I try to live healthily which has given me far more energy, but I also believe in treating myself when I feel like it. To me, a healthy lifestyle means not just a healthy body but also a healthy, happy mind where self-acceptance plays a very big part. This can be the hardest part to get to, but once you do, it’s amazing as to what you can conquer in other areas of your life.
It’s important to me to let you know that this blog won’t revolve singly around health and fitness, but more around my lifestyle and the things that I do love. Health is a big part, indeed, and I will always post my personal thoughts, discoveries and progress on my fitness journeys. This subject is at the time of writing under 20% of my life and will appear so in the blog, most likely with ‘phases’ where more content is shared throughout the year.

When I was 13 years old I sewed my first dress. It was strapless with a gathered hem and in a light nude/pink satin fabric; it had a ‘balloon’ like silhouette that got it structure from a wide black faux-leather belt. But most importantly, it was hideous

FASHION AND BEAUTY, will be the main subjects on my blog as I’m constantly trying out new products and making discoveries about not only this evolving world, but also about myself. For as long as I can remember I’ve loved clothes and makeup; the countless of times I used to rummage through my mother’s cabinet, locked in the bathroom for hours just to test every lotion and potion each shelf had to offer. Don’t even get me started on my  grandmother’s bathroom shelves, that was a treasure trove to be reckoned with. Her name was Solveig, which is Norwegian for ‘Sun’s Way’. She used to bring out countless of nail polishes to let me try whilst simultaneously cautioning me to stay clear of certain brands (that most likely had been discontinued for the past two decades!). My grandmother was a big part of my growing up. Her stories of a time before me was magical, her trinkets and jewelry collection wonderful. In my front room on a wooden tray, lies a simple, stunning silver and black bracelet she left me. It originally belonged to her mother. Also in my front room (my inner hoarder palace!) is a gold, thin and square powder makeup compact. It’s got an intricate gold and silver leave design along it’s edges and engraved with the date 05/03/1952. It was a gift to her from my grandfather, and it still contains a feather-light pink dusting of silky powderness. When I was 13 years old I sewed my first dress. It was strapless with a gathered hem and in a light nude/pink satin fabric; it had a ‘balloon’ like silhouette that got it structure from a wide black faux-leather belt. But most importantly, it was hideous- and I loved it.

I hope that this post wasn’t too long and for those of you who made it all the way to these words- thank you so much for reading! I’ll always aim to reply to every single comment and I would love to get to know all of you that’s magically found your way here. Tell me what you do and where you’re from- how you found me and if you have a blog, tell me about it! Let’s share the things we long and have fun!

With Love,
Jamie-Sofia, xx.


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