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Interior: Sparkle & Spackle x Parachute Home


Happy Friday, ladies and gentlemen. We’re getting the weekend off to a refreshing start with just that- a refresh for Summer. I have been inspired by the lovely Parachute Home to do a feature. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance because 1.) I have a lot of little tips & tricks to unwind that I’ve been wanting to share, and 2.) I’ve been in the process of moving into a new home since last month (which is super-exciting!), and finally, 3.) Of all the rooms that are (somewhat) complete my bedroom is mostly so, consequently the only one I can share with you… yet!

To be able to show you how I update my room, I need to tell you about the requirements and little touches I need (if I get the why, I already know the how!):

  • Simple
  • Inspiring
  • Oasis

All of the above criteria are as universal as they are personal, unique. I need it to be simple in the way I find simplicity to be, look and feel. I need it to be inspiring in terms of what boggles me, cause me to feel wonder, to stop and live and want to push forward. I need it to be my oasis. So please join in the discussion below as to what would make Your oasis!

First thing’s first. In my oasis I need the option to be able to truly have time to myself, which means having everything at hand. That brings me to The Essentials:

To relax and switch off, I surround myself with Inspiration. Whether made by me, for me or other- inspiration is what connects me to myself, to my deeper self. Inspiration is what stirs my soul, and there’s something very magical when that happens. The stirring of the soul is too rare in our everyday lives, where things are rushing fast, too fast. Always faster, faster, until… it stops. And you’re thrown into a moment and you find yourself breathing freely.

Inspiration lifts my mood when I come home after a long day. I keep my work-in-progress illustrations framed which might seem odd, but if they were scattered around they would be haggling me to finish them from the moment I step through my front door. This way, I enter the oasis knowing my illustrations are safe and happily displayed- and casually awaits me adding the finishing touches… in the next year or so.

sparklespackle x parachute home2


For when I wake up, or just pottering about, I love quotes. Or rather- I love words. I both read and write a lot, so I’m a true advocate as to what the right words can do to someone’s day.

Therefore, I like to keep them scattered around my house- and needless to say, I am so incredibly excited for the day my little toddler discovers each and every one of them!

sparklespackle x parachute home1

These are a few of my Favourite Things…

Night Stand = Everything at Hand. 

R: One of my ‘essentials’ and placed conveniently by my Reading Corner, you’ll find anything and everything I use daily- whether it’s moving onto the last book in Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy, sipping a coffee, planning my weekly meals with Ella Woodward’s ‘Deliciously Ella’ cookbook or getting ready for day or night with Sarah Chapman’s skincare… to rushing out the door with SPF + Sunnies.

L: The other table contains more of my ‘Inspiration’ and usually reveals the mix of my current interests- at the moment it’s a mix of interior magazines (hence, my new home), makeup and beauty books (for work) and a cute notepad (I hoard notebooks… seriously!) like this uber-spot-on Mum Always Knows the Right Words to Say!. How incredibly suitable is that? Speaks to my soul.

Dressing Table:

Here’s where the magic happens- everything from samples for new launches at work. It’s all a pretty (un)even mix of samples and a whole herd of long time favourites. Everything else is (kind of) neatly stores in boxes in my wardrobe.

parachute_home_banner_children_safe_sleep_3Parachute Fireside Candle, here.

Scent: It’s my oasis- and it wouldn’t be without these;

So, I know there’s been a few questionable (at first) options of where I put things (stuck on mirrors, in frames, on top of radiators that are hopefully turned off) and why- but hopefull by now the ‘why’ has been cleared up. The very last thing I truly need in my oasis is fragrance. Something fragrant makes or breaks a room, atmosphere, moment, mood. I’m not one for heavy scents, but I am a lover of freshness and nature. There is no scent that can beat freshly laundered linens- especially when christening a new home. My little built-in wardrobe is actually surprisingly spacious. Tardis. And I love to keep fresh linens and clean, plush towels on the top shelf to blend with my candles and floral accents. There’s nothing like opening my wardrobe in the mornings- best way to start my day!

Check out Parachute Home for they’re dreamy products- not to mention quirky and inspiring blog. Fancy some lazy-days inducing photography with just the right hint of glam? Then head over to their Instagram too!


Parachute Striped Cashmere Throw, Here.

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