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9-Day Cleanse Programme + Result Update

C9 Results_Forever_Living_9_Day_Cleanse_Before_and_After_photoIMG_0080

I know a bunch of you come through my little corner of the internet due to my 30-Day Squat Challenge Results, but it’s time to kick things up a notch.

For this challenge I’m doing a 9-Day Cleanse- why, you say? Because my good habits can be better! As a mother of a handsome 2-year old I eat healthy but rarely have time for exercising. Even though I’m perfectly aware that the latter makes me feel 110% on my game, a quick cup of coffee with two sugars is far less time-consuming and keeps me buzzing for the day… or so I though; that first coffee turned into three throughout the day and now, well, to be honest with you I easily have three before 12 o’clock.

By the end of the day, it’s months since I counted any less than 6-8 coffees during any given day and I dare say that th
e initial energy-boost the caffeine was meant to give has absolutely zero effect now. Instead, I’m left with slumps and dips, feeling dehydrated and just about keeping on top of my daily tasks- and any mother knows the energy it takes to run after a toddler all day. Most of all, I feel generally sluggish and… well, clogged up. (Yuk!). Caffeine is addictive, especially to my body, and right now I feel that the most important thing I can do to feel focused mentally, and physically, is breaking that addiction and re-educating my body.Forever_Living_C9_Cleanse_Results_Before_and_After

Enter C9: (That’s short for Clean-9, nifty huh?)

I have been fortunate to both see and hear some fantastic result on this programme: A total of 69 days, with C9 being the first step and pre-cleanse. C9 is then followed by 2 x 30 day programmes, F.I.T 1 and F.I.T 2, but more about them in a later post.

I’ve already mentioned that the results I’ve seen on other people is fantastic, and I mean physically fantastic, with inches lost, which is hard for me to comprehend as the first stage is only nine days. My son’s father is a qualified nutritionist and personal trainer. Eating clean and well alone has done wonders for claiming my pre-pregnancy body back, so my personal needs from this programme isn’t as much about the physical appearance as it is about my internal. I’m aiming to break the last few bad habits I’m currently living by (yes, caffeine-addiction is a lifestyle… apparently!), and set myself on track to a healthier, happier me with energy to rival my little one- so that I may have the physical and mental strength to be the best mum I can be, for the both of us.

So far the good parts of my current eating habits has, as I mentioned, taking me back to my pre-preggers bod but there are indeed some extra shape clinging to my wider areas. I am the first person to put my hand up and say that this isn’t a huge concern for me personally, and with the smallest and most stubborn part left to work with, I’m not expecting wonders- but I’d be lying if I don’t say that how utterly excited I am to give that last bit of stubborn fat the boot.

So, below I’ve set myself three challenges (we do like the gooduns’ in 3’s, don’t we?)  to make the most out of the upcoming nine days and propel myself into cleaner, energy-filled and happier days…



Here are the challenges I’m setting myself for the next nine days. C9 is the first step in re-educating my body, forming great habits and ditching the old ones- these challenges are an addition set by myself, to lay the foundation for the lifestyle I want to lead, bridging the gaps that I currently have:

  • Drink 8 glasses of water/daily (first thing in the morning, and one with each main meal). The caffeine-overdosing I’ve exposed my body to lately has left me not only sluggish, but seriously dehydrated and I find myself going to bed with a headache each night- Time for a change!
  • 3 x 20 minutes morning runs (Let’s face it, I’ll be jogging at best- or possibly ‘speed walking’, but my aim is to push for a full 30 minutes and hoping there is 20 minutes of fast-pace embedded in there somewhere).
  • 3 x 20 minutes exercise video (I’ll be youtube-ing this one! There are so many fun-tastical videos with quick bursts of High Intensity Interval Training to relaxing Yoga- and everything in between. The most fun, and trickiest part, will be to choose one that I like the look of but not to worry- I’ll be updating you with my choice(s) as we go along).

So there we have my own challenges- hydration and a total of six short training sessions to kick start my metabolism and heart rate towards an increase in energy and reduction of toxins. As for the training, I’m aiming to do something every other day to start for the first week, then a morning and afternoon session for the last few days.

Who’s with me? If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to pop them down below- I can’t wait to hear your thoughts. We have 9 days and counting until result time- see you at the finish line!

Let’s do this!


UPDATE: I am updating this post with the final result. I didn’t expect to lose a lot of weight, but with exercising I did expect to gain some muscle.

For my final weigh-in my stats looked like this:

A total of 2.5 inches lost all over + a total of 2kg (4.4lbs).

This is all fantastic, but the most exciting bit is that I have had a total of 3 coffees in 14 days, seen a major improvement in my muscle definition (these pictures don’t even do me justice), a flatter tummy than I have had in a long time and AN ABUNDANCE OF ENERGY! This last one I put down to a combination of getting all the right nutrients (from vitamins and minerals, to protein and proper hydration where I’ve reached 2-3 Litres of water/daily). And lastly, as for my strength, I have gone from being able to do (with correct from) 2 full push-ups and five Jump Lunges to 10 full pushups and 15 Jump Lunges and 20 Jump Squats. If that’s not something to cheer about, then I don’t know what is. Success!!

Interested in the 9-Day Cleanse? To find out more head over to my online brochure and click ‘SHOP NOW’ HERE:

Now I would love to hear from you, if you have any questions just pop them below and I can’t wait to get back to you! XO



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