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Boots No7 Stay Perfect Eyeshadow in Truffle


There’s no denying I’m a neutral eyeshadow lover. Even though I can ooh- and -aah over Pinterest ladies with a full on grey-toned smokey eye for days on end, there’s no denying that charcoal shades around my own eye area make me feel… uncomfortable. Thinking back, it’s probably a subconscious thought of getting ready for nights out, attempting to use dark pigments with far too much fallout. Perhaps if I took the time to really find a formula with the buttery-smooth texture I prefer for my standard neutral tones this would be a different story. Then again, whenever I do make a new discovery of perfectly bendable, long lasting shadows; the crunch time decision of choosing a shade always fall upon the neutrals. Such was the case when I strolled over to Boots No7’s makeup counter:

I’ll admit this is far from a regular stop when strolling through Boots, but I’d come across some great reviews regarding their eyeshadow sticks and wanted to check them out. I did pick one up that day on a three-for-two offer, but the real stand-out for me was the Boots no7 Stay Perfect Eyeshadow, [£7] more specifically in the shade Truffle. Yes, it is another neutral added to my arsenal, but there’s just something that extra special about this shade (Nope, I’m not just trying to justify yet another brown shadow). It’s a warmer shade than my usual go-to’s of MAC’s Cork and Espresso. A coppery-bronze, yet still decidedly brown with a slight shimmer running through. Leaving no flecks of glitter, but more of a sheen that is perfectly daytime appropriate with great one-swipe colour pay-off. Easy to blend without removing any pigment- can I rave about it more? Not really, apart from mentioning that I haven’t reach for Cork or Espresso in over a month.

I can’t help but think, as I always do after discovering a great brown shadow, that all I have to do is head back to the counter and pick one up in… black. What could possibly go wrong? Well, there’s raccoon eyes by breakfast, ash speckled cheeks by lunch and most likely Hey-Arnold-Helga’s brows by dinner. One day I might brave it, but for now I’ll be sticking to my trusty Truffle.


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