The Spackle

Is it pink? Is it peach? It’s the 6 product face


The thing with Cult Beauty is (like I mentioned here) that the site is literally made ‘by beauty junkies, for beauty junkies‘ which on one hand is absolutely fantastic in theory as the whole team really know their stuff. First thing I do after firing up the laptop in the morning (yes, before I check my email, twitter, instagram…) is to quickly refresh CB. If I’m lucky, it will be far too early for another post to have gone up which means that I’m free to get on with my day. If, however, there’s a new and juicy post for me to devour I stir together an instant cappuccino and get cracka-lackin’. The moral of the story is that when you’ve entered cappuccino-mode (yup, that really is a thing!) you might as well have thrown yourself in front of a train – ur right ur right, a bit dramatic so let me rephrase; you might as well have thrown your purse in front of a train. When its back in your hands, flattened from impact and clinging onto your loose pennies for its life, it will not thank you. I can feel my purse squirming whenever I bring out the hot beverage to play, perhaps I should consider breaking this habit? Then again, it might just be easier to hide the cappuccino from the purse than from me- sssh, it’ll be out secret. If you’re following me on instagram you know that my latest CB parcel arrived yesterday, woops!, and that It was of a very satisfying size. I received a lot of samples with my order and needless to say I’ve only managed to test out about a third. With that statement, I highly suggest you watch this space as I’ll be incorporating up all the best- hopefully not too many bad- product reviews, ideas and general gooduns’ all to do with beauty over the next week.

Without further ado, let’s get stuck in with a bunch of newbies- brownie points if you can spot the golden oldie.
I actually gave my Hourglass Mineral Veil primer a miss today and went straight into applying the Resultime by Collin Multi-Corrective CC Cream, (£35.50) in Natural. I started off with a larger pea-size amount, blending it in with my fingertips. I found the consistency to be pretty thick, as it’s a cream, and needed to be worked into the skin. I swapped to the Real Techniques Buffing brush. Out of the tube the colour looked about three shades to dark for me. Upon contact with the skin it developed a horrifying salmon undertone – so I shrugged and got my buffing on. I found that I needed a smaller pea-size when using the brush and that the cream suddenly glided over my face like a liquid foundation and baaam– hail all that is glowing. The brown-salmon colour had completely vanished and I was left with a skintone so even I considered I was, quite frankly gob-smacked. There wasn’t really any need for concealer but skimping on priming and concealing in a day felt like pushing it. On this week’s total of ‘sixteen hours of sleep-undereye bags’ went Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, (£3.99) in 3 Warm Medium. As for bronzer I skimped yet again but made an attempt at some cheekbone action courtesy of The Sculpting Powder by Kevyn Aucoin (£33) in Medium. Julie Hewett Shimmy Face & Body Shimmer, (£19) in Cleo, a warm red-toned bronze that can be built from so sheer it’s, well, just shimmer to a deep golden auburn went on the lids. Cleo’s consistency is almost emollient and blends seamlessly over the lid. The ‘shadow’ feels weightless but like I’ve just moisturised my eyelids(?) but as it’s 11.15pm (I’m scheduling this post for you morning readers) I’ve currently worn this eyelook for fifteen hours and not a single smudge or crease. Impressed. As for eyeliner, I smudged 3 Custom Color eyeliner, (£12.50) in khaki green along the top and outer-third of my lashline and finished with Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz (£15.50) in Soft Brown through the brows. Lastly, ze lips: OCC Lip Tar, (£14) in Annika. Duuuune.

I’ve got meetings all day today (yup, I’m talking to you morning person!), so I’m to get my third consecutive day of the Resultime CC Cream- I don’t want to speak to soon but I think we might be onto a real goodun’, Ssssh! Do not tell the purse and stay tuned for an update after further road testing. In the meantime, let me know if you’ve tried any of the Resultime products or have recommendations for another brands CC- As I said, I just might be onto something…


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