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September Favourites: 14 things and a £104 serum that made the cut

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Earlier this week I wrote about seven skin- and hair-care products that will help transition your beauty routine into autumn. The month of September is a tricky one for UK residents- give us the first two weeks of sunshine and we think its June. It’s an illusion, I tell you, because as soon as the following two weeks arrive it is autumn. Fact. It’s a practical joke September plays with us every year- and as we fall for it time and again, It squeals ‘Hah, I got you agaaain!’. In hindsight, that squeal may have been the wind.. This year, I’d like to think I got one back. I’ve managed to not only to inject some colour in my fading complexion but also keep my base light as air– should the sun momentarily grace us with its presence.

1) Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil – I’ve had my eyes on this range since cute-as-a-button Suzie from Hello October mentioned it in a favourites video. I ordered the travel set from Space NK, as I wanted to try the sulphate free shampoo and my curiosity went haywire with the heat/UV protective primer. I am a self proclaimed conditioner-lover and just cba with shampoo’s as I usually just reach for whichever one’s magically appeared in the bathroom. So, for this one to have tickled my fancy it must have been, well, magical. I am scraping the bottom with the travel sizes but they have lasted me 8 weeks- highly recommended if you’ve had your eye on the range too. The conditioner was a goodun’ but nothing that blew me out of my armchair. The Heat/UV Primer had the same benefits as the shampoo of being ‘infused with 6 featherlight oils to help soften, silken, tame, de-frizz, detangle and protect’ with the added ‘tame flyaways, ease styling and protect against breakage, heat-styling and UV damage’. It’s always a miracle when a product does just what it says on the tin. It was nice enough after first use; lightweight being the key word and taming just enough of my parched lengths. With further use, each wash made my scalp less greasy and my ends smoother- so much so that after 2 months I have stepped away from my straighteners entirely.

2) Sarah Chapman Skinesis Ultimate Cleanse,  (£40) – This . Stuff . Works. I’d say it’s your second best option to the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel, (£28). The Ultimate Cleanse is slightly oilier than the Renaissance Gel, but definitely lighter on the skin than Emma Hardie’s Amazing Face Cleansing Balm, (£36). Sadly, I ran out of this last night. I will definitely buy it again but I need the Renaissance Gel back in my life first! *winking at my bank account for saving it a whopping twelve quid*. All product prices are listed for 100ml – doesn’t it just make you smile inside when the #1 product is the cheapest?

3) Sarah Chapman Overnight Exfoliating Booster (£57) – This is hands down my favourite serum of all time. It works perfectly on it’s own and never interferes with any of your other products- just enhances their benefits by sloughing off dead skin cells to help them penetrate the skin’s surface. No abrasive granules, no patches or redness- just a clear, smooth and glowing complexion come morning. You can find my latest ode to the stuff here. The ugly? That my favourites all seem to be running out at the same time …. 

4) Blisslabs Active 99.0 Essential Active Serum (£104) – For this little gem Bliss replaced most of the water content found in skincare products with more potent ingredients. Personally, I feel like it’s a nice serum (hear me out!) – it has a light. pleasant smell that again doesn’t interfere with anything else in your routine. It’s not watery, nor oily, and due to its consistency the serum has replaced my moisturiser. Now to the scary bit- this was given to me but I would never, ever purchase it myself. So why is it in my favourites? Because the ingredients make it a wonderful serum and I can usually save up and justify a price for luxurious product due to its powerful ingredients but priced at a whopping £104 in Harrods, unless I get a minimum of four promotions at work before 2016… pewh.

5) Elizabeth Arden Eight-Hour Cream (£26) – It’s a cult that I always recommend looking out for in TK Maxx as they are notorious for stocking Elizabeth Arden products all year around. It’s more than worth picking up for a bargain seven quid. This months uses have mainly been as a nourishing lip mask during makeup application to prep ’em for, well, lippe- and hands. It’s oh so lovely on the hands! I’m certain you know this one, but if not, I wrote more about it here.

6) The Makeup – The lighter base of By Terry Touche Veloutee, (£35) has carried over from summer days. Shade 3 is a near perfect match to my mid-season complexion but don’t let the familiar ‘Touche’ and sleek, luxuriously packaged clicketyclick-pen fool you. Unlike YSL’s Touche Eclat‘s sheer highlighting option, the Veloutee packs the coverage of a medium concealer with an airy, slightly satin finish. It hasn’t left its place in my handbag since I got it in July and the daily clicks are becoming more frequent (…so about running out of all your favourites at the same time?). This month I’ve been pairing it daily with Hourglass Hidden Corrective Concealer (£23) in Natural which is a creamy full coverage stick-concealer that looks flawless under any shade from the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette (£56). I find that even for my drier-combo skin, feather light dots followed by a ring finger style tap-tap motion is the way to go. For mascara I’ve been really torn this month. It gets to a point where you’ve been half diddling with a mediocre offering and several new lash launches have passed, promising luscious length and even butterfly wings- yet you buy another ‘meh’ looking mascara because you’ve attempted to justify a high-end option as opposed to a L’Oreal favourite in Boots… for the past three hours. Enter the god-given gift. Yes, I’m being literal. A friend recently ended up with two Avon SUPERShock Blackest Black mascaras (£8.50) – and kindly gifted me one! I was happy enough not to have to dosh out another penny on an ‘inbetweener’ and more so after the first use- a natural, clump free lashline. Now I’m the kinda gal who says ‘the skinnier the better’ in the wand-department so I don’t actually get clumps- or do I?– because I kid you not when I say that this mascara brought out 2x the amount of lashes I thought I had. I wasn’t blown away by any lengthening or curling effect to start off with as I found the formula quite wet. Some weeks have passed and its gooed-up nicely; both the length and volume have increased (still supplying me with those newly discovered lashes). A quick crease-sweep with MAC‘s Cork is enough of a daytime definition and combined with the flattering true pink of a Mary Kay blush in Shy Blush you can make light of whatever weather September brings – you’re onto a five-minute favourite.

A month’s worth of products make for a pretty beefy post so if you’ve made it this far- thank you for stopping by! Now I’d like to know what products have stood by you through September? Beefing it out in the comments is totally allowed!


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