The Review

Soap & Glory #Wonderbronze with Coral in Gold

I am not ‘sparkly’ in terms of my makeup collection. I know, I know, could’ve fooled myself with the blog’s title alright. By now some of you probably know that I’m the smudgy-smudge kinda’ gal when it comes to definition around the socket area; give me a brown stick- powder- or cream- shadow and I dare say I just might conquer the world…

We all get stuck so deep into a rut sometimes. I’m sure most of us are guilty of purchasing one or two neutral palettes but when you go through your makeup collection and realise that you have nothing but neutral palettes- that’s usually when your mind goes ‘woah nelly, take a few steps back‘. Experimentation in beauty usually occurs at it’s heaviest during the first half-decade of your teens. You find what you like and what you don’t, what suits you and what you should have stayed as far away from as earthly possible. When this happens there’s not much of a middle ground; you get into the habit of swatch, purchase, repeat. You usually need just one seemingly innocent product that will yank you the heck out of it.

The product du jour came in form of Soap & Glory Wonderbronze (£11), the latest addition to their superb beauty range is a shimmerbrick bronzer. Although an avid user of shimmerbrick in my teens I have had none in my current makeup collection… until now. S&G has actually labelled this a ‘blush’ yet recommend it to ‘sun-tint the apples of your cheeks, contour your cheekbones, dust on your décolleté, or brush your bronze on all over!’. I have a few problems with these claims; although it really does ‘sun-tint’ your complexion (the powder is so tightly packed that swirling around in there can’t possibly overload the brush), a ‘blush’ really should not be applied in this varying and I would never use a bronzer to contour. S&G have always seemed to have a need to make an endless list of product claims and I never understood why. They always fall short on a point or two but I am yet to come across a product of theirs that I did not totally love- even if it was for only One of the claims.

I mentioned how tightly pressed the powder in the bronzer (not blush!) is and I can’t help but notice how similarly it applies to the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Radiant Light. Not to be confused as a dupe, the Wonderbronze still function as a bronzer whereas Radiant Light does the job as a complexion-warming finishing powder. Their similarities lie in the post-application result; both providing the sheerest natural looking sunkissed colour that glides over the skin without setting into creases/oil-prone T-zones/flaky patches. If you want a bronzer that is feather-light, provides a warm golden glow with a bronze undertone whilst letting your natural skin shine through– the Wonderbronze is for you. If your complexion tend to get imperfections that you cover with concealer, then the concealer with setting powder then end up a mess when you want to bring back some life in your complexion with bronzer- The Ambient Lighting Powder in Radiant Light is your new bff.

Ultimately, I’ve been yanked out of my beauty product ‘comfort zone’. When this happens it usually doesn’t take long before more products of the sort fall into my shopping basket- mine actually happened the within hours as the need for a lip product to match got the better of me. I was glowing, I was golden and stepping through the doors of Boots I was also feeling a Coral. After scanning every drugstore aisle by gazing along lippie shelf after lippie shelf my search came to a halt at Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in 210 Coral in Gold (£4.99). I remember swatching it on a whim last week in the search for a drugstore dupe of Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick in no. 76 (more about that another time), and it was love at first sight- orange, not too dark or too bright with gold flecks visibly running through the bullet. Before I had a chance to comprehend what happened next I was strolling home wearing Wonderbronze and, skillfully I may add, applying Coral in Gold to my lips. I am feeling tons sparklier and dare I say I will be breaking a few more habits in the coming weeks…


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