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A Fabu(lous) nude for every weekday and a red for the weekend


L-R: Super Nude / Naked Beige / The Missing Pink / Blush Pink / Guavarama / Man Trap

When I say ‘nude’, what’s the exact shade that spring to  mind? The fourteen year old me would have sworn by all that’s holy that a nude lipstick was the palest of baby pinks, perhaps with a white sheen running through (Think Max Factor Color Elixir in Angel Pink), or if no pink tint was available I’m pretty sure that any heavy, greasy white-residue cream would do. Flash forward two years and MAC’s Myth would be a permanent staple come day or night, rain or sunshine. Today I’d like to think I know better; as aware as I am that no two lips are the same in shape, texture or colour whenever I do hunt for my ‘perfect nude’ I scour my local drugstore aisle for a medium toned neutral beige with some coral running through it. I am fully aware, and in a blissful state of denial, that my lips are more of a medium dark-browny-pink. The aforementioned drugstore visit is how I came across the Soap & Glory Super Colour Fabulipstick (£9). I couldn’t help swatching one (and then another, and another…) after spotting the Mary Poppins-esque name (already being a fan of Kate Spade’s SuperCaliFragiLipstick!).

The ‘Super Colour Fabulipstick’ is Soap & Glory’s only lipstick but it branches out in two ranges.

The first one is the ‘Collagen Boosting’ which come in a total of six shades, featuring ULTIMELT™ and 3-D PLUMP™ technology along with peptides, shea butter, monoi butter and Vitamin E. Although I can’t say much to the plumping and collagen claims, bear with me. What the lipstick actually does do is mask dry lips well, without flaking or setting into creases and that’s something I don’t see every day. The ‘collagen’ range is opaque and has a lovely sheen, making your lips appear nice and healthy both during- and post-wear, which is another nod to the unique formula. 

  • Naked Beige* – A dark beige/light brown shade which would look ultra sophisticated on someone with really pale skin and lighter hair. It’s still a really wearable nude for most light-medium skin tones as it’s not too pink, too brown or too light. Easily referred to as a true ‘my lips but better’.
  • The Missing Pink – A really pretty pink with a very subtle blue undertone. I’m almost certain that anyone would feel that if they mixed three pink lipsticks they own, they’d get ‘The Missing Pink’.
  • Guavarama* – Reddy Pink that make a great substitute for a classic red lip, especially if you’re building a tan this summer. It’s far easier to wear during the day too.
  • ManTrap – Is a great daytime red with a satin finish. They all smell great but the vanilla scent seem to come through more in this shade. ‘Man Trap’ is a lovely medium red, no orange or pink tones in sight. It has that ‘teeth-whitening’ effect that all the best reds do with a flattering sheen. No shimmer, no glitter, just a straight up gorgeous red.

The second range is called ‘Powdercoat’, a matte formula which is also opaque and surprisingly not at all drying. Apart from the completely matte- and velvety- finish, the formulas go on identically well; flaw-hiding, moisturising and long-wearing. The powdercoat range only comes in three shades but I now have two of them.

  • Super Nude – Show me a matte nude and I’ll shake my head in distraught. Me+matte lippie=Flakey, not a good combination. Super Nude looks gorgeous on Medium/Olive skin tones and I will definitely be wearing it with a smokey eye as I get a bit darker this summer. The formula of this lipstick makes me want to throw every matte MAC out the window.
  • Blush Pink* – When I think ‘blush’ I think ‘rose’. This colour on the other hand is a dark pink with a definite plum running through it. It’s a darker (not to be confused with brighter i.e fuschia) pink than I’d normally wear. Saying that, I do own the Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in 180 Vintage Pink which runs along a similar colour. The second lippie in the range where the formula makes it a winner; I do prefer Blush Pink to Vintage Pink as it just makes your lips look that much better.

The only con is the packaging. Seemingly shallow it does make a substantial difference in the pleasure of daily use. The packaging of Kate Spade SuperCaliFragiLipstick scored top marks whereas the Soap & Glory steered away from their well known humour and bright colours to infuse a bit of luxury. It might look nice on paper but in real life S&G just didn’t get the balance right.

If the very purse-friendly price mixed with the high-end quality isn’t enough to convince you they wear incredibly long for a creamy formula. I got 4-6 hours out of both ranges including eating and drinking- my usual bugbear (being left with a nasty and patchy outlined lip) was nowhere in sight. Oh, and did I mention that they also contain a favourite skincare ingredient of mine, hyaluronic acid? You know, the one that naturally retain moisture in younger skin but diminishes with age- yep that one! Convinced? Heck, just pop over to Boots, start swatching and marvel at how easily the bullet glides over the back  of your hand- totally not streaking, setting into any lines or hair follicles… just saying.

Disclaimer: All products marked [*] I either recieved as a gift or PR sample. I do not have to review such items but if they’re on my blog, they have definitely impressed me. (Unless it’s a bad review!… oops!). All opinions are my own- from here to eternity!

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