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Alpha-H Renew and Resurface Kit


For over a year I’ve been extremely curious about the Alpha-H skincare range. The rave reviews floating around the blogosphere have been next-to-none, but ploughing through my various skincare products and finishing up all those hit-and-misses before moving onto shiner ground took its time- so when it came to investing in my very first Alpha-H product at the end of February I turned to my trusty Beauty Bay and got a kit of samples that arrived promptly….

My First Impressions (March, 5 2014): “I tried the Triple Action Cleanser last night using a dollop the size of a garden-pea, literally. As I’d slapped on quite the made-up face yesterday including a bronzed smokey eye, liquid liner and a red lippy I didn’t think the small amount of cleanser would be enough but it was. It did not lather at all, yet removed all trace of makeup. I couldn’t believe how squeaky clean my skin felt. I followed up with the Balancing Moisturiser and Gentle Exfoliant– yes, that is one single product! huh? Wanna repeat that last name? The moisturiser, naturally, doesn’t have the familiar grainy texture of our bog-standard exfoliator (that may do more harm than good by scratching your delicate skin’s surface, btw!) but what it does have is Glycolic Acid at 10%- the wonder ingredient that should now sit pretty in everyone’s bathroom cabinet”


  • Alpha-H Micro Cleanse Exfoliant, (£24.50), is a gorgeous product. I would use this up to once-a-week, the ‘up to once’ as my skin’s rarely as clogged up with pollution and makeup as it used to be (Solely due to great skincare products, I may add). This exfoliant not only contains fruit acids- the ingredients that has totally stormed the beauty world; clearing out deeply embedded impurities and sloughing away dead skincells- but also harsher grains for manual exfoliation, old school-style, in one. Since I discovered the AHA’s (That’s Alpha Hydroxy Acids, a broader label for fruit acids such as glycolic, lactic and citric. Mainly naturally occurring in produce like milk, but can also be synthetic), I have stayed away from manual exfoliation as I frankly haven’t had the need- plus my ‘probably’ irrational fear of creating scratches and micro-tears onto the delicate surface of my face. The tiny ‘micro beads’ in the Alpha-H exfoliant did a great job without leaving my skin red-raw with over exfoliation. Instead, I was left with a nicely balanced and glowy-complexion perfectly prepped for makeup- It’s a necessary step in skincare for those times where your skin is super clogged.
  • Liquid Gold Smoothing & Perfecting Mask (£46) and Balancing & Pore Refining Mask (£27.50), The Liquid Gold Mask is a once-weekly alternative for smoother and clearer skin than Alpha-H’s famous multi-use overnight ‘Liquid Gold’. I used the Liquid Gold Mask to slough away dead skin as a once-weekly prep before slathering on the Balancing & Pore Refining clay mask. The combination worked really well at springing some life back into my complexion, drawing out impurities and smoothing the surface. I loved the result of consistently using both and after a month I’d say I’m about 1/3 through the 30ml sample sizes. They’re definitely good value for money and I’d repurchase if I came across them in store- but at the moment my bathroom shelf is full of masks that needs more attention

  • Daily Essential Moisturiser with SPF 50+ (£27), I’d actually go as far as to say this is my favourite product in the kit. As we’re gradually getting more and more glimpses of sun in the UK I’ve been really concious of protecting my skin daily. At the moment I actually have two SPF facial creams that I go-between daily depending on my makeup and expected sun exposure, and a third one on stand-by. I completely finished the Alpha-H Essential moisturiser two weeks ago and I thoroughly miss it- It had a very slight ‘SPF scent’ and although I usually dislike it, it ensured me that I was protected and went away within two minutes. The difference between this moisturiser and the SPF’s I’m currently using is just that- This one is a moisturiser, a two-in-one, and very light which goes on smoothly and doesn’t interfere at all with the makeup on top. My current SPF’s (although not thick) are still slightly more ‘tacky’ and need to be used along with a daily moisturiser- a quite frankly unwelcome step as I’m rushing out the door in the morning. This I would repurchase in a heartbeat! ….   


  • Balancing Moisturiser & Gentle Exfoliant (£35), this was the second moisturiser in the kit and neither of them were so rich that they left a film or not rich enough, leaving the moisture levels too low a few hours after application. Both were light in texture and sunk well into the skin leaving it soft and perfectly hydrated. In my opinion they would suit all skin types as long as you’d use a richer one at night if you’ve got very dry skin. I mentioned this moisturiser in the ‘initial use quotation’ above and loved the idea of gentle exfoliation as an extra step whilst moisturising with Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid (which is found naturally in the skin but deminishes as you age). The lack of manual exfoliation beads ensures the skin doesn’t get scrubbed ‘red raw’ and too sensitive to layer makeup on top, and the low acid makes it gentle enough for daily use. With increased use it would help refine and smooth fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation and along with the hydrating ingredients I’d recommend this moisturiser to more mature skin. For this reason I might invest in one in the future but it’s not a necessity for my current skin-needs.


  • Triple Action Cleanser (£23), although a gel-cleanser this did not leave my skin stripped like most I’ve tried previously. I found this worked best with minimal water as it did tend to get too diluted and lose it’s effectiveness otherwise. This is the one product I raved about on initial use (as seen in my above quote) but actually has to be a no after 8 weeks since first trialled- why? Well, because even though it did the job, cleansed my skin and removed a fairly hefty face of makeup (when not too diluted with water), it’s just that- it did the job- and for the price tag pretty much every cleanser does more than ‘just the job‘… It did leave my skin comfortable and would go well for someone with slightly sensitive skin as it’s very gentle and non-stripping but I’m not rushing to get the full size anytime soon.. or ever.

There are a couple of the products in this kit I would repurchase, especially the Daily Essentials Moisturiser as it’s exactly what it says on the tin- a daily essential, and I do find myself reaching for the tube (yep, I’ve kept it!) in the hope that there’s magically a tiny teeny-weeny use left to squeeze out. All in all, the whole kit contained six 30ml samples at £46, and I am glad I tested them all out. I hope this review shed some light onto some of Alpha-H much raved about products and will help you make a better decision next time you’re queuing at the beauty all with your shopping basket in hand. Let me know if you have tried these products or any of Alpha-H’s range not mentioned. I’m always happy to hear about new products and if you have any questions just pop them below! xo,


5 thoughts on “Alpha-H Renew and Resurface Kit

  1. Your very welcome! I’d say my skin type is oily to combination – very prone breakouts, blackheads, blemishes etc. I look after my skin as best as possible, and believe that my skin concerns are largely age/hormone related. In terms of make-up i have always used bare minerals SPF 15 foundation. I don’t tend to wear a lot of makeup, and when i do it’s in order to gain maximum coverage and a flawless base as possible. I would say my makeup sits fairly well on my face throughout the day as I cleanse, tone and moisturise each morning with a moisturiser containing spf 15. I also ensure I stay well hydrated throughout the day. Towards the end of the day however I often get the tendency to touch my face before my nightly routine.

    Thanks for your help, Melissa xx

    • Hi sweetheart,

      Firstly I want to apologise for the late reply as I went away last time we spoke and just managed to get back to my laptop. I hope you’ve kept well 🙂

      It is great that you stay well hydrated as that does make a world of a difference to the complexion in terms of it being easier to manage long-term. So kudos to you and I need to practice what I preach there, I believe. You’ve got the habit of a darling by sticking to SPF’s and letting your skin breath so keep up the excellent work!

      Now, onto the good stuff. As much as I do like the Triple Action Cleanser by Alpha H and it sounds like it would suit your skintype, I honestly do feel like it wouldn’t quite be the right cleanser to invest in for autumn/winter time. Essentially, I want you to go with your gut and if you can get hold of samples or travel sizes I highly recommend that you do. The Triple Action is gentle and no-stripping, it leaves your skin refreshed and comfortable but I in my opinion, all skin types need more skin-loving ingredients and protection come the darker months. I’m not going to say that I’ll never repurchase it because I did like it and recommend it to some of my friends that have struggled with cleansers- but I feel like you need a bit more 🙂 The Alpha H Balancing Cleanser would be for dryer, more sensitive skin depending on, again, how your complexion acts throughout Christmas-time. Personally, if you really want to try the Alpha H product lines really do have an excellent selection of kits in travel sizes. I love Alpha H as a brand but I do think that some of their other more ‘specialized’ products would be worth more to splurge on (If you must!)

      …. Saaaying that! I wanted to see how you feel about the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel? It’s currently sold out in SpaceNK and on CultBeauty but my beloved BeautyBay has got it in stock with a few £’s off. Especially going towards the winter I’d assume that your skin will go more combination? The Renaissance cleanser starts off as a pink gel which turns into a light, milky textured oil that I personally feel cleans better than the Alpha H cleansers. Although it turns into an oil, don’t be alarmed as it is essentially a gel packed with skin-loving nutrients and vitamins which strenghten the skin against free radicals and environmental damage to being anti-nflammatory and detoxifies whilst boosting collagen; it helps dissolve the bonds to slough away dead skincells which can be a real culprit for blemishes and blackheads.(Do take off with a flannel/muslin of your choice for added benefit). It is expensive but as you were considering the Alpha H I just wanted to make this recommendation AND happy news; you actually do have control over how much you dispense which is always a good ‘un when a little goes a long way. I’ve been meaning to review the Oskia but my blog’s on standby and in the meantime I’ve just run out of my Sarah Chapman Ultimate cleanse, so there should be a good few options coming in- hopefully before christmas haha!

      I highly suggest you pop in and out of some stores and see if you can nab a sample for autumn and thank you again for taking the time to comment. I hope to hear more from you soon and how you get on, lovely 🙂 xx

      • Ah no worries, I hope you had a great time! Your FANTASTIC reply was worth the wait!! Since we last spoke, I reached out to Alpha-H by filling in one their brief consultation cards online, and the lady that got back to me advised a few products including their Triple Action Cleanser, as well as their gentle daily exfoliant, essential hydration cream and finally their balancing moisturiser and gentle exfoliant. The last product mentioned here is a 2 in 1 product that i would alternate with their essential hydration cream every other night (as advised by the lady).

        With being a student, i emailed the back to explain i cannot afford to purchase all these products recommended to me however i am willing to give one or two products a go. I am she’d advise me to purchase using the information i’d provAs I was in need of a new cleanser, i decided to puchase Alpha-H’s 2step Cleanse and Resurface duo from QVC comprising their triple action cleanser along with the balancing moisturiser and gentle exfoliator. I only started using these products yesterday, so will let you know how I get on!

        Moreover, I completely understand what you’re saying about using a more nourishing cleanser going into the winter months. Incidentally (seems like we have lots in common! haha)i have had my eye on Oskia’s renaissance cleansing gel for a while now….in hindsight I probably should have purchased this as as you say, it comes with the handy dispenser. Like yourself, i’m am also a fan of sarah chapman and have been dyinto get my hands on her ulimate cleanse!! i have however recently spahsed out her Dynamic Defence moisturiser after it was on offer on qvc not so long ago. I like the fqct it contains an SPF 15 which is so important – especially with me being a redhead 🙂

        On another note, I would love to know your take on double cleansing? As the last time I received compliments on my skin was around christmas timd when i was using liz earle cleanse and polish in the morning, simple cleansing wipes to remove my makep in the evening followed by a more thorough cleanse of my face with cleanse and polish again. Along with regular exfoliation do you think this is sufficient? And finally do you know by any chance if Oskia do free samples of their renaissance cleanser? Don’t worry if not 🙂

        Thanks so much for your time,

        Melissa x x x

  2. I’d like to start by saying thank you for leaving such a helpful, thorough review of this kit – great job! I am new to Alpha H as a brand, and have recently ordered the Micro cleanse exfoliant via beautybay online. I’m considering purchasing other products from their range and wondered jf you’ve tried their balancing cleanser at all? If so, would you recommend it over the triple action cleanser? Thanks 🙂 Melissa x

    • Hi, sweetheart! Thank you for taking time and commenting. I have tried the Balancing Cleanser too and it’s not a bad purchase at all BUT to answer your question fully I have two questions for you:
      1.) What’s your skin type like? (dry/oily/combination)
      2.) a. do you use a decent amount of makeup with staying power- say does your eye makeup come off easily?
      b. How does your makeup tend to sit on your face throughout the day?

      These are things to consider when you choose your cleanser as it can make the world of a difference which cleanser you use. Also, bare in mind that we are going into September and what your skin is usually like in the Autumn through to Christmas, especially if you want to get the best cleanser for your skin that will not just remove makeup but actually nourish and make your skin the best it can be.

      Wishing you a lovely weekend,
      Jamie Sofia xx

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