The Review

Bliss Triple Oxygen Energising Masks


Recently I got gifted Bliss Spa skincare products- and never could I have imagined the impeccable timing. As you all know by now, this young mummy is far from a party-goer (been there, done that and got it out of my systeml!), yet I do endure my fair share of sleepless nights. Normally they’re along the lines of:  ‘waiting for my partner to finish off his work on the laptop as the bed is freezing without him‘ followed by ‘he’s taking sooo long that now I have to check my emails… and instagram, and twitter… oh and facebook and bloglovin’ … Oh, a missed Vivianna Does Makeup blog- gotta check it too!‘. When Bobby eventually do come to bed the result is not the warmth that lull me to sleep, like I’d imagined. My head is now buzzing from those tiny dark letters beaming off a fluorescent screen. When I finally manage to let my head sink down into the depths of the pillow- my personal alarm (baby!) goes off… Viscous circle indeed.

And so goes the norm of my bog-standard weeknight, apart from last Saturday night when I actually consumed alcoholic beverages (yes that’s plural…!) for the first time in two years. One thing is certain, a bright and sparkling greeting from my complexion come morning- was nowhere to be seen! Told you the Bliss products had impeccable timing. So onto my experience with them…

I started off with cleansing using the Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energising Cleansing Foam*, (£18) It’s a watery liquid that when pumped out turns into a foam- not as dense as your standard volumising mousse, so it spreads easily. I took time to massage it into my skin and although the foam disappeared there was no need to reach for another pump as it provided what I can only describe as serum-like residue. As the foam melted into my skin I could feel it getting down and dirty, working deep into those those pores and pesky little bumps- all whilst the serum-like layer provided enough hydration for an instant ‘plumping’ effect. I rinsed by splashing some hot water and felt squeeky-clean. Not a stripped feeling in sight, just comfortably clean.

I followed with the Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energising Mask*, (£39.90) which is supposed detoxify whilst releasing oxygen molecules (the whole range is produced as an at-home version of their Spa facials). The instructions for the mask say to ‘massage onto damp skin then wait five minutes, until a full froth forms‘. I don’t know if my skin was too dry but the froth formed straight away so I went ahead and massaged it in. Whilst waiting for the five minutes to pass I got to preparing the Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energising Eye Mask*, (£35.80) which comes in a set of four. The eye mask claim is supposedly a ‘15-minute pick-me-up for undereyes‘ and come in a ‘unique dual-chambered packet‘ which I can only describe as the non edible skincare design of Muller Corner.. yum! (I repeat, non-edible!). The trick is to press the fluid chamber to ‘flood‘ the dry chamber where the pads are to soak them before peeling away the foil. In my (slightly) hungover state  all I could see was a foil to peel away… so I peeled it.

This step had left me all sorts of confused before consulting the instructions and resorting to spoon-transfer the fluid onto the pads. Once that fairly messy process was over with I rinsed off the face mask and applied the eye mask onto my under eye area. The next fifteen minutes of waiting for some magique to happen passed with a perfectly greasy breakfast. A little warning is to be very gentle with the eye pads; when dry they resemble a thin, fragile sheet of polystyrene and when soaked they’re just as fragile, only more flimsy. Once applied though they do stay and the cooling sensation they provided was very welcome. Let the layer of formula left behind post-remove to absorb into the eye area- feel free to encourage this with some gentle ring-finger-patting.

It’s a bit of a process to go through when your head is a tad worse for wear. If you have anyone else around in a better state, ask for a hand in preparation and just kick back and relax. It’s a mini-pamper-session with some stunning results- almost a bit scary actually. I have never felt my skin more plump and when smiling I’d be surprised if my partner weren’t tempted to bounce a coin off of my springy, glowing cheek.

We headed to the park for some sunshine afterwards and played a bit of frisbee- my head was totally spinning but the only way I could’ve gotten out of it was if I had looked as bad as I felt…

*All prices are from
Disclaimer: All products marked [*] I either recieved as a gift or PR sample. I do not have to review such items but if they’re on my blog, they have definitely impressed me. (Unless it’s a bad review!… oops!). All opinions are my own- from here to eternity!

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