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Top Picks: Sultry Finger-Smudging Shadows

photo 2 (12)photo 1 (12)Cream shadows are a fairly recent addition to my makeup bag and I might go as far as to say they’ve taken over. Characteristically, they’re not only childsplay to work for an individual finish- admittedly it may take some practice when first starting out- but the end result is absolutely worth it. Most important; they last. What’s on the tin is what you get and I’ve spent the past month testing and trialing for errors, unable to actually find any.

I’ve decided that my universal approach to applying all of the below products look something like ‘dab into outer corner, smudge across lid with finger‘. That’s the base set and if I’m in a pinch for time I usually leave it there and rush out the door. On days where I fancy more of a smoked out look I wait a few seconds for the product to start setting before dragging it out and blending into (and above!) the crease. Lastly, I build the colour where I want more pigment- usually in the outer corner! Note that smudging further will reduce the sheen whilst a gentle ‘pat-pat-pat‘ motion will ensure a glossy finish- still blending seamlessly!

The application vary depending on my daily mood but one thing always stay the same: There’s no denying the uber-quick and super-friendly application. Every single one of these products are made to last and stay all day without budging. Long gone are the days when the sultriest of eyes meant cheeks full of speckles by lunchtime.

Rimmel London Scandaleyes Shadow Stick (£4.49) in ‘Bad Girl Bronze‘. This is the definition of a crayon- so much fun to play with and my favourite of the lot! It really melts into the skin and stays put once left to set properly. Gliding on smoothly, the stick is hassle-free and creates a ‘true bronze” opaque shade that’s perfect for sparkling liner or can be quickly blended for a much, much softer colour.

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr Cream Eyeshadow (£4.99) in ‘On and On Bronze’. This little creamy pot of ‘old bronze’ heaven is the easiest of the lot to work with- they’re all pretty hassle free- but this one even more so. Hail lippies in all shapes and formulas but, and I’m going out on a bit of a limb here, this is the only product you need to pop into the top desk-drawer to take you straight from office to evening ‘do. Although I sometimes use the other two products with a blending brush, this one is a true finger-smudging-technique-only please!

Rimmel Scandaleyes Liquid Shadow Paint in ‘006 Rich Russet and ‘005 Golden Bronze‘. These lipgloss-looking paints are wonderful. One sweep creates a complete opaque finish with a metallic high-shine. If you think this isn’t for you- think again! Dot the product on with the applicator and when still ‘wet’ the product can easily be blended with your ring finger for a less opaque and matter finish. ‘Rich Russet’,  a cool-toned chocolate hue that in some lights seem to have a slight rose gold undertone is my favourite for everyday wear. I also love the ‘005 Golden Bronze’, and if the classic ‘Half Baked‘ by Urban Decay would be packed onto lids with a damp brush and magically turned into HD-  this would be what it looked like. A foil-like finish with just the perfect, intense gold tone that I’ve been after for a while. It looks absolutely stunning when stroked onto the lids with the applicator before blending the edges and thinly line (and tightline) the eyes with a black liner.

Have you tried any of these smudge-friendly products, and if so, which is your fave? If you love the sound of the ‘Golden Bronze Shadow Paint+Black Liner‘ for the most simplistic yet dramatic look: don’t forget to intensify the black and make sure the liner stays as long as the shadow by patting over the line with a black shadow. I’m certain this is the combo I’ll be coming back to on most evenings from now until the summer’s ended! Now go find you match, play around and have fun…


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