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The Beauty Dish: March Edition


Hello and welcome to my very first ‘The Beauty Dish‘ post. Each month, T.B.D will be serving up some of what the month ahead has to offer. It’s a mix of the pruddies and faffle I’m the most excited to be trying out, or using to great extent; I’m looking at you, Naked. Hint-hint-wink-wink.

Matrix Biolage Exquisite Oil, on OFFER HERE (£9.42) After reading so many raving reviews about this oil, I really have to give it a go. I’m expecting daily little miracles in form of great hair days. The reason why I bit the bullet and got this oil, above others, is because I’m expecting it to be lightweight(?) and a bit of a multitasker-feel-good-easy-to-use-carry-around-in-my-handbag sorta pruddie. It’s at a great price in relation to the amount of product you get, and I’ve always had my eyes on various products from Matirx’s Biolage range.

O.P.I nail polish in Big Apple Red, HERE (£7.77) is what I wrote about in yesterday’s beauty post. It’s a stunning, bright and glossy red that just makes you feel so glamorous. This is certainly my go-to shade for March.

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer in Chocolate, HERE (£25) is my absolute favourite bronzer. Fairer complexions should opt for the shade ‘Milk Chocolate’ as neither colour has the dreaded ‘orange and/or muddy’ stamp– Brilliant! It works wonders to warm up the complexion whilst the matte, true brown shade actually trumps Benefit’s Hoola as my go-to product for contouring. It’s lightweight with a silky texture that melts into the skin providing a sort of ‘glow’. It makes you look expensive in a subtle way, evening out the complexion… Did I mention this is actually a powder? Exactly. You can see why I’m swooning. The best part though, it smells like chocolate. A gorgeous rich cocoa… On second thought, perhaps not such a good thing as it makes me wanna head for the sweet counter.

Alpha-H Renew and Resurface KitHERE (£46) is the product I’ve been jumping for joy about. I’ve been having my eye on this skin care set for a long, long time and it’s finally made the drop in my mailbox. The kit contains a whopping six products; two cleansers and two moisturisers; hello, consistent morning+nighttime routine, and two masks. I tried the Triple Action Cleanser last night using a dollop the size of a garden-pea, literally. As I’d slapped on quite the made-up face, the whole ‘smokey-eye-liquid-liner-and-red-lippy shebang‘ I didn’t think the small amount of cleanser would be enough; It was. It did not lather at all, yet removed all trace of makeup. I couldn’t believe how squeaky clean my skin felt. I followed up with the Balancing Moisturiser & Gentle Exfoliant– yes, that is one single product! huh? For now, let’s leave it at this: My skin felt clean, smooth and balanced as I went to bed. A bit taught, rather than dry, as I woke up. As I’m writing, my face is smooth as a baby’s bottom and I can visibly see a reduction in my pores since yesterday. It’s a great start indeed, but the real results remains to be seen. I’m already getting excited about wrapping up this month…

Urban Decay palette in Naked 2, (£37) This is the only, and I mean only palette that should be visible in March. Hail ‘Naked 3’ and all with it’s gorgeous pinky-tones, but the light makeup of the month (in prepping for warmer weather!) really does call for shade combinations  like Half Baked, Snakebite, Booty Call and Suspect… You feelin’ it?

With a new ‘do courtesy of Jess at W.COMB that I featured in my ‘post-visit-instagram-post‘, eh?, I’m strutting into summer with a spring in my step… Now if only I can find my way back to the correct department store counter. I swear I was heading for ‘Too Faced’ yet all I’m seeing is Hotel Chocolate… help!


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