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O.P.I in Big Apple Red


In my last Weekly Snapshots post I wrote about wanting, needing OPI’s nail polish in ‘Big Apple Red’. It was part of the New York collection and for a moment I was afraid it wouldn’t be possible to get hold of anymore. A quick run-of-the-mill search among my top online beauty destination found the red polish at Beauty Bay, to a current offer of £7.77.

I placed the order last Friday and yesterday it arrived, all pretty in my mailbox. It’s instantly become my favourite red, and I do so love my reds. It’s a gorgeous, glossy shade that applies easily all over the nail in one single stroke-opaque- and to be honest, the only reason I applied a second coat was for durability. Speaking of durability, I always, always make sure to use a base coat (to avoid discoloration and stains on my natural nail) and topcoat (to protect the fresh colour from chipping and increasing it’s durability). I applied a base coat yesterday, but was in such a hurry out the door that I barely had time to let it dry- even though it dried fully within 2 minutes, thank heavens! Since then I’ve been washing up and doing all sorts of handy-works (see what I did there? hehe) that’s required by a mother to do on a daily basis… And my nails look perfect as I’m typing this. I still can’t get over how glossy they are, and how perfect they would look with any fair to tanned skin tone, especially with some intricate jewelry to really draw attention to the nails.

As a serious nail-biter, and I mean the-Stop-&Grow-ain’t-stopping-me kinda serious, growing up I used to always be so self-conscious about not only my constantly short, fraying nails but also the skin around them that seemed to peel off like I was shedding my second skin, no matter how much hand cream I slathered on… I finally stopped biting my nails five years ago, so even though I feel good about my nails and hands now- the ‘Big Apple Red’ polish just makes you feel so glamorous. I totally adore how fresh and vibrant the shade is, even after just applying one coat. Do you see what I men though, about how the colour just cheers you up?

If there’s a nail polish that’s just upped your mood so much lately, please let me know which one it is in the comments below- I’d love to try it out!


2 thoughts on “O.P.I in Big Apple Red

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