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SFW Beauty: 3 Steps to The Perfect Winged Eyeliner


Hello lovelies, In my Friday Favourites post on How to have your most Stylish Valentine’s Day to Date my makeup pick was a classic winged eyeliner/cateye/feline flick. Today I present to you my daily eye-makeup ritual for the perfect winged eyeliner, done in the most unconventional of ways (It happens to the best of us). I hope you’ve all got a great week ahead of you and are looking forward to the 14th as much as I am. Here’s the Backstory: As the self-confessed coffee addicts me and my partner are, we head to our favourite local cafe ‘Zealand Road’, come rain or sunshine. When the coffee calls, we come running- even if it means we forget to do our eye do’ in the process. This means that once the hot brew’s hit our lips, we calm down and sneak a look at our reflection in the cafe windows; gasp and appalled- we look naked. Eyes have a tendency to do that, don’t they? Looking tired and naked… Quick, we need to get them dressed!

This is my ‘everyday’ eye-makeup. It’s the little black dress of eye do’s. It’s the basic staple, my holy grail and after years of road-testing I have found my perfect fit. It’s what always makes me feel confident; the foundation of techniques that I build on for any other makeup look. From here, I can go Anywhere.


1. For everyday, or on-the-go, I start off with my go-to eye-shadow to create definition.

Using the shadow brush by H&M, run Cork by MAC through the crease, blending outwards and upwards just underneath the brow bone. Deposit the same colour in a sweeping motion underneath the lower lash line.


2. The eyeliner I’ve been using lately is the Extreme 24h Felt Tip Liner  by Collection2000 (£2.99). It’s fantastic for creating precise lines, even on-the-go, as I’ve done outside here. It lasts all day so I won’t have to worry about it smudging yet it comes off easily with warm water (which is always a plus!).

Top Tip: Create the perfect wing by starting with the actual wing– here’s where a felt tip is brilliant!
Draw a thin line following the curve into the upper lashline. Draw a second line along the lash line with steady pressure to create a sleeker line. By doing the steps in this order you can build the thickness of the liner much easier, to personal preference.


3. Once you have the thickness of your line, simply fill in any gaps for increased intensity. Voilà!



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