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Places To Visit: LONDON, Covent Garden

LONDON BABY, we’ve now been in London for a few days so I decided to do a picture update of some of the things we’ve done so far. When we first arrived at Kings Cross last Sunday I put the above picture on my Instagram (@jamiesofia) showing my travel ootd as per se, haha! We headed straight to Covent Garden in Central which is such a beautiful place, always so vibrant and full of life. It’s gorgeous and filled to the brim with restaurants and boutiques, high end stores and market finds. It’s an absolute ‘must’ place to visit when in London. Don’t forget to try any of the crepes, freshly cooked paella or a quick visit to the Pie Shop (the best pies this side of the Atlantic!) or all of them, as they can be found down the stairs in the middle of CG.

We conked our bags and buggy through the crowds with more pride than grace, stopped off for some Chai Tea and carrot cake (definitely recommended from Cafe Chutney, also located down the CG stairs) and if your up for some post-food treats or dessert close by there’s no better than Ben’s Cookies for freshly baked chocolatey-chipped cookies with melted centres in all flavours known to mankind. If you’re more of luxury treat gal, you simply cannot miss out on Laduree, the macroon place of worship. Laduree sells around fifteen thousand macarons a day worldwide and is one of the worlds greatest house for French luxury bakery and sweet treats.

Lastly, the decorations in Covent Garden were simply jaw dropping. Stunning festive creations and lights paved the way through the establishment and brought a touch of seasonal magic to the surroundings; a gigantic CG labelled Christmas tree reached far up into the sky whilst fairy lights twinkled and red baubles so big they made us all feel like santa’s little Christmas elves as we strolled underneath them. My first day back in London in two months was truly magical. So you see, you can’t blame is for extending our visit, now can you?

Happy Weekend to you all!
Jamie xx




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