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Oxyshred Results


Hi, guys. Another week has passed, and man, they fly. I know I say this all . the . time , but I really mean it. As promised here’s my before and after picture from the Oxyshred fatburner by EHP Labs. 

You can read my previous post(s) about it here or search ‘oxyshred‘ in my blog. Remember though that I did indeed share my tub with my boyfriend resulting in only half a tub/30 servings each. It lasted two weeks, so all in all this is a 2 week transformation. 

I do have some confessions to make as always. The after picture was taken this evening but I actually hit bottom and finished my Oxyshred just over a week ago- and I did not take a photo then. As you know my boyfriend’s been away and since he came back it’s just been family-time all around, with sweets, popcorn and soda on our Hunger Games date night last Wednesday and I’ve been side tracking with the nutrition as I do when I have to prep the meals (not my forte! hehe). I do not feel as ‘taught’ as I did all over a week ago as I have not been able to go to the gym at all. And I mean not even once. It’s literally impossible to get there when Bobby’s not around as I don’t have a babysitter for Max.

Lastly, what I miss the most about Oxyshred is the feeling it gives you. The feeling that is so far from I-get-into-the-gym-itching-twitching-and-tossing-weights-at-people and so much like I-have-a-steady-flow-of-positive-energy-and-just-feel-like-the-best-version-of-my-happy-self. I really do miss this feeling every morning and every day after being up countless of times with my 5-month old baby… I can honestly say it’s worth the investment just for that extra boost. Although not cheap, the ingredients are as good as they come for a healthy body and mind in the world of fat burning supplements. And that’s just fact.

Writing these confessions does give me a slightly guilty conscience, along with a healthy bite of motivation to kick some arse this week instead!

Happy gymming everyone and as always, just let me know if you have any questions or if you want me to make a more elaborate post on any of the subjects I mention.

Lots of love, xxx



One thought on “Oxyshred Results

  1. Thanks for your post! Even though you didn’t take the picture straight after you finished your OxyShred tub, you can still see the difference! You look leaner! Well done!

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