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German Body Comp Training: routine 1 and the tropics


Hi guys, how’s your week been? Yesterday I posted a picture of my breakfast (the tropical island) on my instagram (@jamiesofia). It consisted of pineapple, apple, peanut butter, a fig and some dried figs. As you might be able to tell, I’m really into figs at this moment in time and pineapple has always been a favourite. As for you guys who sometime feel pekish and somehow managed to miss out on the perfect quick-snack-fave: Apple and peanut butter as a combo is absolutely divine, and will do you far more good than harm, especially when training.

Yesterday was also the first day of my new routine. The first thing I want to tell you about this routine is that it’s in 3 phases and each phase lasts for 3 weeks, training 3-4 times per week.

INITIATING PHASE ONE (did anyone else read that with a robot voice? haha). As I’m sure you’ve worked out, I should be ready to start the second phase bang-on-christmas-time if all goes to plan (It will go to plan, it will go to plan!).

The second thing I’d like to tell you about the routine is that it’s only a 2 day program (huh?). Well, there’s day 1 and day 2 and then you just repeat them all over through your week. Let’s say you work out three times a week- on the third day you start over and do day 1 again etc. If your work out four times a week (this is me, this is me!) then you do day 1, day 2, day 1, day 2. Simples!

The third thing I want to tell you about the program is that it’s put together by Him. The god of trainers, the one who watches over us all, the one who some believe in and well, perhaps some don’t: Charles Poliquin (Alexandra Bernardin). You can find the link and full info on the routine I’m trying out HERE.

This is especially formulated for… the ‘ladies’. But don’t worry, girlies- it’s hardcore alright!

Day 1                                            Sets x Reps    Tempo        Rest        My Weight Log
A1 Lying Leg Curl, feet neutral            4 x 8           5-0-1-0         30 sec    20 KG

A2 Flat Dumbbell (DB) Bench Press   4 x 15         3-0-1-0         30 sec     6s KG

B1 DB Lunges, Alternating                 4 x 12          2-0-1-0          30 sec   5s KG
B2 Lat Pulldown, Pronated Grip         4 x 15          3-0-1-0          30 sec

C1 DB Romanian Deadlift                  4 x 15          3-0-1-0          30 sec   20 KG
C2 45 degree Trap 3 Raise                4 x 15          2-0-1-1          30 sec    1s KG

… and finally, tomorrow is the last day of my Oxyshred. I have been skimping a bit over the past few days, only taking half a scoop even on train days. (Whoever decided we need to share things equally with out other half? bleh). I am totally gutted that it’s finished and I will post the ‘after’ picture with my verdict on Monday as I use my bf’s iPhone (my camera drowned a few weeks back) and he’s going to London in the morning, so I can’t review it until he gets back- or perhaps I should just steal his phone? 😉



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