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Training + Dinner

20131115-090239.jpg Howdy, lovelies! I cannot believe it’s Friday already, can you?
We were invited to the amazing Cole-house for dinner last night. I had a great time and nothing beats a chilli ‘hairy biker’ style, and a glass of wine. I did treat myself to a glass indeed as yesterday’s worlout(s) left me huffing and puffing like there is no tomorrow. as you’re probably aware, cardio is far from my forte!

Even though it was sprint-day on my workout schedule I decided to add some High intensity cardio, about 15 minutes worth, around noon as I wanted to ensure that I continued burning calories long into the evening. My quick, but totally killer, high intensity interval training is:

– burpees
– plank
– plyometric lunges
– jumping jacks
– bicycle crunches
– sumo squats

Run through the list without stopping, doing each exercise for 60 seconds. (That’s one Set). Rest for 60 seconds and repeat 3 times.
As you improve, decrease the rest time bit by bit.

At 16.30pm I did my sprints;
– 30 seconds all-out, then walk back/3 minute rest. Aim to repeat 8 times
(I did 6 yesterday).

Today’s gym day! I’ve had my oxyshred and feeling totes fab 😉 haha! How are you guys, and what will today hold? Happy Friday! Xx
! 20131115-090249.jpg20131115-090305.jpg


One thought on “Training + Dinner

  1. You look so vibrant and refreshing – all that working out must be a good thing. What a beautiful look you have – love your eyebrows and gorgeous ombre hair!


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