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Gym Stats: Day 1


Yesterday I had my first gym sesh since moving to Yorkshire, also my first one on Oxyshred. This morning was spent going through my new routine with Bobby and laying out what the next few weeks will look like, training wise.

Today’s workout:
10 Squats 
with 20 kg barbell
10 Press Ups 
Toes. Then knees depending on how far into the workout I am, haha!
10 Wide Rows
with 17 kg
Rest 60 Sec.
Repeat x8

I just got back from the gym and it mounted to a good 40 min workout, shown above, not included the decision to stroll back home in the brisk autumn sunshine; I am set out to do 3 days of weights/week, and 2 days of intervals/week (cardio). We decided to add an extra day of workouts instead of the original 4- getting rid of one weight day and adding two interval days (my living hell!!), haha! Let’s lose these mama-kilos 🙂

 Day 1 Startout:

Height: 158cm
Weight: 48 kg

Arms: 25 cm
Waist: 65.5 cm
Bum: 91 cm
Thighs: 52 cm

BF: 15.3/17.3%
(Suspecting it shows about 2% less, hehe)



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