Fitness & Health

Day of Firsts

20131109-133304.jpgHello, today we woke up early to start our first day with Oxyshred. One tub contains 60 servings and you take 2 scoops on training days and 1 scoop on rest days.

As me and Bobby are sharing a tub we aim to take one scoop on rest days and one and a half on training days, training four times/week.

I got the Guava Paradise flavour and as I’ve never been a ‘squash’ person it will take some getting used to, even if it doesn’t leave the slightest of a bad after taste. The colour when mixed with water is an incredibly bright pink.

We went to our first flat viewing this morning, which was exciting. It was a decent flat but we’ve seen some truly amazing ones that seem to come and go so I’m willing to keep looking.

Right now we’re off into Wakefield for a bit of shopping, then a quick visit to Max’s great grandparents before I let Bobs put me through my paces at the gym- wish me luck! Mwah xxx20131109-133255.jpg


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