Press and Interviews

VK interview with Me and my siblings

So, here’s where I tell you what I’ve really been up to for the past week or two. As you know I was flown over to Sweden with my family. We were there for an interview with VK (, a Swedish newspaper. So, what I haven’t mentioned previously is that I’m one of five siblings (quintuplet), born at the same time. When we were born there were a few news stories, naturally, about us but has since been relatively quiet.

This is, mainly, due to the fact that me and my family haven’t felt too comfortable with being featured in media’s previously. We chose to accept the offer of reporter Roland Edlund to be interviewed for the paper VK in Sweden because that’s the paper of the city we were born. Roland is a genuine and kind man, he made us feel very comfortable and assured us that he wanted to do an article to show where we are today. It was all in everyone’s best interest and very casual, he did an amazing job together with photographer Per Landfors.

Below is the short webb-interview conducted by Roland and filmed by Per, it’s in Swedish. On VK’s website there’s a series of articles published that features the full interview. It’s broken up into pieces as it was conducted over two days. The text is in Swedish and unfortunately, I think, is available to read fully for VK+ (members of the website) only.

All rights of this video goes to VK, Roland Edlund and Per Landfors.


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