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Travel How-To: Pack a Carry-On like a Boss (1-2 weeks)

This thing with luggage restrictions, cabin baggage especially, can leave you stumbling head over heels in regards to what you want to bring, and what’s ‘necessary’ to have with you on holiday. Fret not, Here’s how you pack up to 2 weeks worth (or your whole wardrobe!) into a carry-on, also known as cabin luggage, in-flight bag or 55x40x23 cm. I haven’t weighed my bag yet but with the risk of it being over my 8kg allowance I’m using it as checked-in baggage… but here’s how to get everything with you. In other words: Here’s how to pack like a Boss!

What’s Going In My Bag:

Yellow Roll:

  • 3 Cardigans (lightweight-medium)
  • 2 Cami’s/Tanks (black silk/white lace)
  • 2 Shorts (Black/White crochet)
  • 3 Skirts (Incl. the yellow ‘roll’)


Black Roll:


  • 3 Dresses (Incl. the ‘roll’ and one Maxi Dress)
  • 2 Blouses
  • 1 Skirt
  • 1 Legging
  • 2 Tights


  • Max’s Roll (Baby Clothes)
  • Unmentionables + Accessories (In Zip Pocket)


  • 3 Heels
  • 1 Flat Ballerina’s


  • Leather Jacket
  • Lightweight Parka


+ What I’m Travelling In:

  • Sheer, long-sleeved black top – GINA TRICOT
  • Black Leggings – TOPSHOP
  • Black Cardigans – H&M
  • Black Wedges – H&M
  • Patterned Scarf – H&M
  • Powder Pink Coat – VINTAGE



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