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What if i said ‘No’ to Lemonade?

Here’s a fun fact for you: Sometimes life will give you Lemons. It’s just that simple. You can spend all day asking questions as to why and how- why now, why me and why did Life walk around with lemon’s to give away in the first place? It’s not like anyone actually wants them!

Right now I am painfully aware of my sudden possession of this yellow fruit, shining gloriously like the sun whilst tasting as sour as the promise that comes with it.

How come we occasionally receive these Lemons? I guess that’s just one of life’s ‘big mysteries’ (Read that last sentence again- this time with sarcasm and disdain). You never know when you’ll get them. Let’s see, how can I describe the scenario… Imagine that Life sent you a letter. It would read as follows:

Dear ___ fill in blank. BAAAAM. Here is your lemon. Good Luck. Love, Life.

Now what? What am I to do with that? Should I not have opened it? I mean, who wouldn’t open a letter from their Life?

I would love to refuse the lemons, make life take them back. I didn’t ask for them and I do not want them. I’d love to shout NO! No, Life! I am returning these on your 28 Days Guarantee‘ but that’s just it, isn’t it? There are no guarantees in life. So here I am. I have received the lemons and I can’t give them back.

Our Lemons tend to be a combination of personal and emotional setbacks that we could not foresee. This is just as true for me. As you may know by now, I’ve been really excited for my trip to Sweden this coming Thursday. I am being flown over for something that I am doing, and I got to include my little family. Everything was arranged and looking set for take off (pun intended!) and I’ve been bouncing between our walls with excitement to show Bobby around the place where I grew up- and take our 4 month old son with us. Turns out there’s been a sudden delay in my son’s passport application and it’s not looking like he’ll be able to go. Unfortunately, because of my errands there, I still have to. This means not just having to spend a week without my son which I feel is still too early but naturally, my partner has to stay behind with him. So our first little family trip has gone from everything to nothing. Just like that. Unforeseen.

I am not usually this sour but, on a more serious note, I really don’t have a good recipe for Lemonade.



2 thoughts on “What if i said ‘No’ to Lemonade?

  1. Lemons are a symbol of purity and faithfulness and in Judaism symbolizes the human heart. Sometimes there are things we must do by ourselves because they are part of our growth. Look at this opportunity as a time for your family bond to become stronger. When you return from your trip the joy and closeness that you will feel will outweigh what you may be feeling right now. Everything in life has a positive purpose we just need to look for it. 🙂

    • Mayra Mejia, I will admit that the post was written in a wave of ‘sourness’ but it is true as you say, I’ve always believed that everything do happens for a reason. Even if sometimes that reason is far from what you would have wanted it to be, and that is when you learn to grow above and beyond. Thank you so much for your comment, sweet. You brought a smile to my face! Take care (:

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