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Colds and Coconut Oil

Good morniiiing! What’s on your schedsh this Wednesday? Today’s day 3 of my fitness experiment but it seems like we’ve run into a bit of red light. My little family seem to have woken up with a cold, one of those ‘heady’ heavy versions, you know?! :/ It started with Maximus getting a few coughs (which are kind of cute, in a bizarre way… he’s a baby after all!) – and now we’re all down under!

No excuses, I say! The plan is to still complete today’s circuit training, it’s only 15 minutes and even though I’m tired and achy, I feel like I’d do a lot better once I’ve completed it. That’s left for later though as right now I’m chillin out with some organic coconut oil in my hair (It’s my own little miracle in a jar!) and browsing the intra-net, haha, for some interior inspiraion. I can’t believe that it’s less than 3 weeks until we should be moving flats. golly gosh!



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