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10 Day Fitness : Day 2

In 9 days I’ll be going to Sweden, and as my Squat Challenge will be coming to an end I decided to incorporate a little fitness experiment. Every day for 10 days, which isn’t exactly the longest time, I will be doing circuit training for a measly 15-ish minutes daily. The reason for doing these is to see if I’ll be able to incorporate more cardio into my workouts.

To be honest with you, cardio itself isn’t something I’m a huge fan of these days as too much burns muscle rather than building them- but a decent amount is more than necessary to lose the extra.. well, ‘flab’. The stubborn fat I’d prefer to make its way into my boobs (hehe!) or just get the heck away permanently!


So, will I be able to change my physique even a bit in 10 days? It remains to see, but I will post progress pictures, I’m sure. After my 2nd and very sweaty session I was more than flushed, but my biggest, and only, fan (Maximus) below didn’t seem to mind. wohoo!! ;D  



4 thoughts on “10 Day Fitness : Day 2

  1. Good luck Sofia. I’m sure you will feel so much healthier incorporating cardio into your daily routine which will definitely increase your stamina during these 10 days at the very least. Your little fan Maximus is the cutest munchkin xxx.

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