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My 30 Day Squat Challenge Programme

Here’s the programme I chose to follow for my 30 day Squat Challenge. It’s from Live Strong Live Clean. I am putting it up as a reference and truly encourage every single one of you to have a go. I’ve got another week and a half to go on this one, but I can assure you that I am nowhere close to done after that. With each day I get more motivated and I have come to realize the immense power that our minds have over our bodies- why I have never been able to see any physical challenge through before. Your body can take so much more than you think: It’s your mind that needs convincing. So stay strong out there ladies and gentlemen, I’m rooting for us all!




6 thoughts on “My 30 Day Squat Challenge Programme

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  2. Oh thanks for this. Fifty squats for day one does sound quite a lot but I suspect most people will do these in chunks throughout the day as suggested. I’m going to start the challenge next week when I’m over the ‘flu. :o)

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