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My favourite healthy snack idea

There are a lot of things in my life that I’d like to never change, that I am perfectly content with- but my food is not one of them. I have always been adamant about being able to eat what I want, whenever I want and that is something I still thoroughly believe in.

The difference between the, lets say ‘old’ and ‘new’ me, is that I do not want to have A bottle of coke and a large bag of chilli heat wave Doritos for lunch anymore. What I want is a piece of Bobby’s gorgeously grilled salmon fillet that just falls apart when poked with my fork, preferably on a salad bed with avocado, walnuts and chilli flakes. It takes just as long to make as when I had to pop to the shop for the Doritos- it just tastes so much better, like so SO much better!

My new love for food is anything but boring, repetitive and bland like i assumed when first starting out (convinced I’d change back to old habits ten times before Sunday). I love that I am confidently strutting down the path of discovery, constantly finding new exotic ingredients or a new twist on an old favourite.

With all this said, I am not someone to spend hours on end preparing a meal that will be devoured in minutes. When I am a tad pekish and want something, I would have liked it yesterday! This brings us to my current little gem of a kitchen hero: my peanut butter banana!

It is just my kind of thing, and it can’t get much simpler, tastier and full of goodness than that, now can it?

Mwah xx



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